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Benefits of Low-Pressure Washing

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​Conventionally, most home-owners and pressure washing service firms have the misconception that the higher the steam pressure, the better. This is not always the case, especially when dealing with sensitive structures such as buildings and fencing. Using a high-pressure washer might be detrimental to the surface in question as a considerable amount of its paint and siding might get washed away along with the dirt you wish to remove.
So, when dealing with such delicate systems, low-pressure systems are the preferable option as they remove the accumulated dirt and offer for flexibility. Below are some of the advantages of such low-pressure washing systems.

  1. Low-pressure dirt removal: To compensate for the reduced water pressure, most low-pressure water systems deploy the use of superheated water (water that has been heated to about 300 degrees). Once applied at a reduced pressure, it has enough internal energy to remove dirt, grease, molds etc. that might be sticking to your surface.
  2. Gentle on your surface finishing: Whether you sport a one-day-old coating or a decade old coating, low-pressure water systems ensure your coatings are kept in perfect condition while dirt is being removed. Since it utilizes no excessive stream pressure, your property is left looking better than it was before the dirt removal. Also, in the case when you have a delicate surface such as vinyl or tiles and the conventional high-pressure cleaning system might not suffice, these systems ensure the total elimination of dirt from such surfaces without jeopardizing the surface’s integrity.
  3. Reduced water consumption: When compared to garden hoses, low-pressure washing achieves about 25 times less amount of time to clean a particular region. Given the fact that it relies solely on the force of the water stream as opposed to the volume of the water stream, it is way more efficient than most systems.
  4. Decimation of toxic micro-organisms: In moist conditions, most homes get plagued with a few allergens such as molds or mildews seeking to establish their new home. Engaging low-pressure washing services ensures such growths which can be detrimental to your house, business and family are eliminated speedily and your neighborhood is allergen-free. Also, given the fact that low-pressure washing systems use water at considerable pressure, there is less risk of blasting the allergens into the atmosphere, instead they are caught by the gentle streams of water.
  5. Eco-friendliness: Unlike its high-pressure counterpart, low pressure heated washing systems require less chemical use as they can leave your property spotless just with its inherent heating. Low-pressure systems also have reduced energy requirement that makes them more effective to run per hour, thereby keeping the environment green. Also, the darker a surface, the greater its energy requirement for heating, low-pressure cleaning helps lighten your home and reduce your heating load.
  6. Enhances property value: Low-pressure washing systems can improve your property’s appearance and lifespan by a great deal as it regularly eliminates organisms that might be eating away at it. A sparkling clean house is sure to attract greater value from buyers than a dingy equivalent. An impeccable finishing shows buyers that your house is a great deal, has been properly maintained and would undoubtedly serve their needs for years to come.