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Dumpster Pad Pressure Washing

Dumpster Pad Pressure Washing Chattanooga

Estates, high rise buildings, residential areas, and commercial buildings… These are examples of places you are bound to come across a dumpster pad. The purpose of a dumpster pad is to help support and cover the surrounding areas of a dumpster. Dumpsters are made from heavy materials like metal and aluminum so merely putting them on any surface won’t work.

As a result, the concept of a dumpster pad was invented. The dumpster pad eases the pressure of placing the dumpster on a pavement. Their strong foundation ensures that regardless of the weight supported or leaks, the pad is still durable.

Why You Should Get Commercial Pressure Washing

These dumpster pads over time will have to support trash and other waste material thereby making it easy for them to get dirty. As a result, the need for dumpster pad cleaning becomes essential.

Ordinary cleaning of the dumpster pad is not enough to get rid of the dirt, grime, and germs but with dumpster pad pressure washing, these things are quickly taken care of. 

The following are other reasons why you should take care of your dumpster pad:

#1 Get rid of eyesores and noxious smell

Ever walked past a dumpster pad before and thought, “hey they really should do something about this gross sight”? The look of the dumpster pad plays a serious role in how people perceive your habits.

If your dumpster pad is dirty and oozes a bad smell, then individuals are likely to assume that you are no different personally. For a business, the sight of the dumpster pad and the smell alone is enough to deter customers.

It can impact profoundly on the brand name and bring about negative publicity. Mysterious stains and buildups should have no place on your property so get commercial pressure washing to tackle it.

#2 Prevent Fall and Slip Hazards

Dumpster pads in industrial and commercial areas are likely to have different components. It is not rare to find dumpster pads with liquids oozing out of them to the extent that it forms a pool. If this is unattended to, it can lead to cases of slips and falls.

If this happens within your vicinity and it is proven that the liquid from your dumpster pad was the cause of it, then your business might incur a potential civil suit for this. Even though a dumpster pad is less likely to get foot traffic, it is best to be safe than sorry.

#3 Get rid of disease-carrying animals

In dirty environments, you are bound to come across pests and rodents. This is because the dirt serves as a lure for them to go out of their hiding places. It is technically their breeding ground.

The whole area of a dumpster pad is likely to be infested by bugs, rats, cockroaches and the likes due to the food waste and leaking liquids. You do not want a rodent infestation on your hands as it can affect your health, and be bad for business if you are a business owner.

Get professional power washing done to reduce the risk of this.