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​Retail business as we know it relies majorly on aesthetic appeal and service quality than any other two factors, therefore it becomes important to ensure your premises look the best they can always. In this regard, pressure washing your retail center becomes a top priority, however, due to the ever-increasing demand for time and resources, retailers often give pressure washing less priority. Therefore, to reduce the burden of constantly cleaning your facility, dedicated services such as ours exist.
Whether on a retainership basis or on a one-time activity, our retail center customer’s and their property management firm find it immensely helpful to engage our services as we cause them no Non-Productive Time (NPT) as we execute the majority of this activities at night to eliminate interfering with other business activities.
Our retail center cleaning activities span a host of dedicated cleaning options as are listed below:

  1. Awning washing
  2. Building washing
  3. Garbage can cleaning
  4. Graffiti removal
  5. Grease spill cleaning
  6. Hydraulic fluid cleanup
  7. Roof cleaning
  8. Window cleaning

All these services involve the use of high or low-pressure streams of water to remove dirt from retail center buildings, with the water pressure and velocity doing all the work. Some of the benefits it offers these businesses include:
Amazing first impression: No matter how amazing your product or service offering is, customers generally get repelled by a dirty retail environment especially in a highly competitive market. Why shop at a greasy murky retail store when you could purchase the same product for the same price just across the street in a squeaky-clean store?

  1. Speedy cleaning: when done manually or unprofessionally, the process of ensuring your retail center I spotless can take anything between 3 to 7 days on average. However, with our dedicated pressure washing equipment and years of experience serving a diverse range of clientele, we are sure to finish most retail sites within 1 or 2 nights.
  2. Safety: In the event of spills such as grease or hydraulic fluids, pressure washing is an amazing way of eliminating the tiniest layers of this fluid and therefore ensuring the safety of your workforce and customers.
  3. Effectiveness: We have a wide range of dedicated trucks and equipment specifically for our retail and shopping center customers. This ensures we can constantly work in different locations simultaneously to meet stringent customers deadlines with outstanding efficiencies.
  4. State of the art equipment and cleaning processes: Our pressure cleaning machines are top of the pack while our processes are constantly being reviewed for improvements and updated relevance. This enables us to provide unparalleled services to our ever-increasing customer base.

Additionally, in the case of greasy or oil locations, we are sure to use hot water cleaning systems that can eliminate the physical bond between the oil layers and your property’s surface. Whether it is a walkway or a car park, you can be certain all the marks including gum-marks would be eliminated.

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