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Algae is known to develop on rooftops. This is due to the limestone filler found in the roofs shingles. The way to avoid this from developing is to have your roof periodically pressure washed.

Pressure Washing Chattanooga offers an affordable way for you to prevent algae from staining up your rooftop. We have all that we need to help restore the appearance of your roof.

If you have been looking at this on the roof of your home for years now, isn’t it time that you do something to address this unsightly sighting of algae. Most homeowners don’t think that there is anything they can do about it, especially since they aren’t able to clean it with their garden hose.

However, there is a way to clean it. Hire Pressure Washing Chattanooga to clean it for you.

What’s Growing on Your Roof

That black stuff that is creating streaks on your roof isn’t mold; it is actually algae. Algae can quickly begin to develop from the moisture on the surface of your roof.

This problem is more prevalent in coastal regions of the United States, where it is humid and the prime environment for algae to grow. There are different types of algae, magma, gloeocapsa, and blue green.

Regardless of the type of algae growing on your roof, rest assured that with our pressure washers, we’ll be able to effectively remove it for you. Algae is known to cause discoloration on anything it begins to grow on. When you begin to notice it on your roof, the problem has likely been there for a while.

How Algae Spreads

Algae is spread by being carried from one rooftop to another by way of wind or animals. This is why it is so common to find algae on rooftops throughout the entire neighborhood.

You may even notice this on apartments and condominiums in the same neighborhood. If there is algae on reflective roofs, it will lose their effectiveness. This is why it is a good idea to address the problem as soon as it becomes recognizable.

If you no longer want to see these ugly stains on your roof, call on us to remove it with our pressure washing equipment. Our contractors know exactly which pressure washers will serve you best when it comes to effectively cleaning your roof. Their years of experience makes this possible.

Hiring Pressure Washing Chattanooga

There is no better service provider to rely on in Chattanooga than Pressure Washing Chattanooga. We offer exceptional services to everyone who relies on us for their roof cleaning needs.

Our services are preferred because we provide our customers with the best and most complete roof washing service possible. With our affordable pressure washing services, anyone in Chattanooga can have their roof efficiently cleaned.

You don’t have to pay too much for the job of cleaning your roof when we are only a phone call away. Get the quality of service that you are accustomed by turning to us for your roof washing needs.