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It is impossible to pressure wash certain areas of your home and business with a garden hose. This is why it might be necessary to hire a service that offers pressure washing service to clean those parts that can’t be cleaned with it. If you live in Chattanooga, TN, you can always turn to Pressure Washing Chattanooga to handle your pressure washing services. Pressure washing requires specialized equipment that makes it possible to exert enough pressure to remove dirt from hard to reach areas, such as your house siding, roof, driveway, or deck. At Pressure Washing Chattanooga, we offer both residential and commercial pressure washing services. 

    About Us

    Pressure Washing Chattanooga began servicing the Chattanooga, TN area more than 15 years ago. What started out as a one-man show has expanded into several full-time pressure washers, able to attend to the needs of Chattanooga residents and those in surrounding areas. We have invested in the best water pressure washer systems and products to assist with your water pressure needs. Our customers can expect to receive the most thorough cleaning job possible when they call on us for their service needs. We work with the best and most committed contractors to handle your pressure washing requests.

    Our Services

    We are able to get to those hard to reach areas that you can’t get to on your own. If you begin to notice your home changing colors, call on Pressure Washing Chattanooga. We have a solution that will get your siding as looking as good as new again. Whether it is your siding or the roof of your home or building, we are able to get it clean again in no time with our specialized water pressure equipment.

    Chattanooga Xtreme Pressure Washing
    Pressure Washing Chattanooga

    Commercial Pressure Washer

    We know that if you own and operate a business, you always want to put your best foot forward. This requires that you maintain your curb appeal. Let Pressure Washing Chattanooga help you do this by annually or semi-annually, washing the outside of your building. This tells your customer’s just how much you care about maintaining your business and is sure to make a good first impression. We offer the most affordable pressure washing services in the area.

    Deck Pressure Washing

    Since your deck is exposed to the elements of the weather, it often takes a beating. You may notice mold beginning to develop on your deck that you can’t seem to get rid of. This is a job for our water pressure service. With the right solution and the strength of our hose, we’re able to get rid of the mold and other unsightly dirt from your deck. Don’t waste your time with that garden hose when we have exactly what we need to handle the job the first time around.

    Chattanooga Pressure Washing
    Pressure Washing Service Chattanooga

    Siding Pressure Washing

    If there is green or black stuff covering the siding of your home, it’s time to contact Pressure Washing Chattanooga. We can remove the unsightly mold that is visibly present on the siding of your home whether it’s a vinyl siding or any type of siding that you may have. Like other parts of your home, specialized products are often necessary to completely remove these types of stains from your home. With the right products and equipment, it is easy to effectively remove any unsightly dirt.

    ​​Gutter Pressure Washing

    Don’t risk harming yourself by trying to climb up on a ladder to do the gutter cleaning on your own. Even with your best efforts, it may not be possible for you to remove all the dirt and debris buildup from your gutters. However, you can always depend on Pressure Washing Chattanooga to take care of this for you. We don’t just climb up and start tossing stuff down. Our contractors take the time to remove the debris in your gutters and properly clean them with our proven effective pressure washing methods.

    Chattanooga Pressure Washing Service

    Roof Pressure Washing

    Attempting to clean your roof can prove very dangerous if the job is not carried out correctly. If you don’t want to risk falling off of a ladder attempting to clean your roof, give us a call at Pressure Washing Chattanooga so that we can eliminate the need to put your safety at risk by pressure washing your roof. We have the right tools and equipment to clean your roof without putting yourself in harm’s way. Why not call us up today and schedule a consultation with our experienced pressure washing contractors.

    Driveway Pressure Washing ​

    It is a good idea to take the hose and try to wash down your driveway from time to time. However, if you’re finding that you are not able to get your driveway as clean as you would like, call on Pressure Washing Chattanooga to take care of this problem. We have the solution that will cut right through the grease and remove those unattractive stains from your driveway.

    Chattanooga Power Washing

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    ​Whenever you require the services of a pressure washing service in or around Chattanooga, TN, make sure you rely on the reputable services of Pressure Washing Chattanooga. We are here to handle those jobs that are difficult to handle on your own whether to increase the curb appeal or simply wanting to remove tough stains or dirt in your home. With our efficient and affordable pricing, there is no reason to take on this responsibility yourself. Give us a call and maintain the appearance of your home or business.

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    “Since our business is all about appearances, it would make sense that we would want to make sure we keep up the appearance of our business to be pressure washed. This is why we contacted Pressure Washing Chattanooga to the outside of our building. Amazingly, they did an excellent job!”
    Kathy L.
    “My husband has been laid up for months after a nasty fall. We hired Pressure Washing Chattanooga to clean our deck and they did a great job than we could have ever done ourselves! We’ll definitely call on them again in the future.”
    Tracey P.